About Us

Company Summary

Lady L Wellness, LLC is a massage therapy and wellness company that has for the past 20 years and continues to provide health and wellness services throughout the DMV area with a focus on individual, family, community health and well being.  We accomplish our missions through massage therapy, other alternative therapies, workshops and community outreach. We deliver our servies to you whether at home, work enviroment, retreat or telehealth. Our services are specially designed to cater our clients specific needs.  


Lady L Wellness, LLC mission is to run a profitable business providing high-end therapeutic massage therapy and wellness services with integrity to meet the needs of all clients. 


Our goal is to individualize our massage therapy and wellness services base upon our clients needs from initial intake information as well as feed back during treatments to ensure clients comfort and satisfaction. Our experience begins with the initial contact with client.  We set the highest expectation for your overall experience. 


Lady L Wellness is a LLC, owned by Lee Jones. Ms. Jones has more than 20 years of providing massage therapy, wellness services and health program development to individuals , local organizations and communities. Ms. Jones continues to position herself as a liaison within the community to bridge the gap between community members and quality physical/mental health care. In her previous positions Ms. Jones has provided services and workshops to public schools, community centers, business and hospitals. With her experience and education, she takes pride in changing lives one body at a time with an integrative approach to health and wellness.